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We have many great opportunities available to help with PTA next year. If interested in helping please contact

Chloe Clark PTA Board • 2016-2017

Some of these Chair positions entail coordinating short-term events, and others involve a year-long commitment. Whether you can work in the school or prefer behind-the-scenes involvement from home, we have positions to fit all types of volunteering personalities.

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Executive Committee

President • Huong Stoddard -
Oversee all PTA business and act as a liaison between Chloe Clark administration and the PTA membership.

Vice President •  Shakena Richards -
Assist the PTA President as needed, including coordinating the PTA events calendar, reader board schedule, and PTA Monday events.

Treasurer •  Rachel Metzgar -
Propose annual PTA Budget, maintain bookkeeping records for PTA, record all expenses and reimbursements, and issue checks to Committees and membership as needed.

Secretary •  Hailey Lorati -
Keep records of PTA proceedings, including taking minutes at PTA Board meetings and PTA General Membership meetings and presenting them for approval.

Other Board Members (Voting Positions)

Chloe Creations/Reflections Chair/ Art Club • Hannah
Are you interested in helping our students explore their creative side? Chloe Creations promotes visual art and encourages participation in the national PTA Reflections program. No artistic ability is needed to be a part of this team, just a willingness to help. (A binder of successful past-event information is available!)

Fall Fundraiser Chair • Huong Stoddard -
Coordinate our fall fundraiser for the 2015-2016 school year.  90% of the proceeds from this year's fundraiser will go to the Chloe Clark PTA to help fund activities and benefits for the school.

Grant Writer Chair •  Kyle Sommerville -
Responsible for researching and applying for local, state, and national grants, the proceeds from which will help to fund the PTA's operating budget.

Donations chair •
Work with and Coordinate with other committee chairs in acquiring donations from local businesses.

Legislative Chair  •
Develop an effective advocacy team to clearly communicate the PTA’s perspective on legislation and related issues to elected officials.

Membership •
Plan a membership campaign, collect and process fees, enroll members online, and send fees and forms to the Washington State PTA office. 

Box Tops Coordinator •  Shakena
Develop a plan to encourage families to turn in Box Tops for Education, and run a quarterly Box Tops Store at lunch time & before community time.

Newsletter Chair •
The primary way the Chloe Clark PTA communicates with our members is through The Explorer Compass, our monthly newsletter sent out to the entire school. The Newsletter Chair is responsible for creating The Explorer Compass, soliciting and encouraging PTA Committee Chairs to submit news articles and photos, managing newsletter advertising, and working with volunteers to copy the newsletter. (Past newsletters are available online for your review to help you get started.)

Publicity/Public Relations / Website Chair •  or
Design flyers and posters for PTA events, and help promote the Chloe Clark PTA through weekly emails routed from the District Office. (Past flyers are available online for your review to help you get started.)  Regularly update the Chloe Clark PTA's web site and facebook page to enhance communication with our members and local community.

Volunteer Coordinator •
Maintain volunteer database, provide support to committee Chairs in volunteer recruitment efforts, and work with a committee to honor and recognize volunteers.

Photographer / Yearbook Chair • Michelle Claudy
Our yearbook just keeps getting better every year! If you love to attend Chloe Clark events and school activities, why not sign up to take photos of them for the yearbook? Then help people cherish the memories for a lifetime by promoting yearbook sales!

Committee Volunteer Coordinators (Non-Voting Positions)

Educational Assemblies Coordinator •
Work with the school principal to plan and organize assemblies throughout the school year.

Leaf Your Mark Chair •
Promote sale of leaves and fence posts to fund school enhancement grants, and paint ceramic leaves to attach to the tree mural in the school's entrance hallway.

Bulletin Board Coordinator • 
Design and create PTA bulletin boards in Chloe Clark's hallways.

Bike Rodeo Coordinator
Plan and host a bike safety fair at Chloe Clark Elementary.

Explorer Science Club Coordinator
Develop and coordinate monthly Science Club activities appropriate for each age level K-3.

Family Bingo Night • • Silent Auction Coordinator •
Plan a night of Bingo fun for Chloe students and families to take place in the Spring (a binder of successful past-event information is available)!

Family Game Night Coordinators/Community Service Night •
Prepare for a night of family fun playing games in the Chloe Clark Community Room for children of all ages!  This event will take place in early December.

Math Night Coordinator • Melissa
A fun-filled evening with math games and puzzles designed to show children how useful -- and entertaining! -- math can be.  This event will take place in and is planned with the help of Chloe Clark teachers so that the vocabulary and methods used correspond with what is going on in the classroom. (A binder of successful past-event information is available!)

Nominating Committee Coordinator
Three Nominating Committee members are elected by the General Membership at the annual September General Membership meeting.  The Nominating Committee is charged with interviewing and selecting a slate of potential Executive Board (President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer) candidates for the next school year.

Reader Board Coordinator
Work with school principal and PTA Vice-President to maintain text on reader board throughout the year. This position only requires 20-30 min/week.

Fall Carnival Coordinator
The Fall Carnival is the perfect way to kick off the school year!  Bounce houses, face painting, and special treats are what's in store at this family fun event! (A binder of successful past-event information is available.)

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Coordinators  Kristin
We think the staff here at Chloe Clark are the best in the business!  To show our appreciation, the PTA provides teachers and staff with monthly birthday goodies, lunches during conference weeks, and special surprises during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week in May.

Vision & Hearing Screening Coordinator •
Coordinate with the school nurse and the DuPont Lions Club to screen the vision and hearing of all Chloe Clark students.  This is a great community service project that directly benefits the welfare of our children.  This Year Vision and hearing screening will take place in October.

Watch D.O.G.S Coordinator • David Goins
Dads of Great Students is an innovative father involvement, educational initiative of the National Center for fathering. There are 2 primary goals of the WATCH D.O.G.S. program: 1. To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important, 2. To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security & reduce bullying.

Family Movie Night Coordinators • Meredith Wilson - 

Plan for 1-2 movie nights throughout the year at Chloe Clark for families to enjoy a night out.




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